LZ Bow Hair Workshop 


-----------------------Focus on bow hair

      Our workshop is located in Anping, Hebei province, north part of China. We have been doing business of horse hair for many years. Our horse hair(horse tails) comes from Mongolia and Siberia, where the hair tends to be stronger because of the weather and climate; All our bow hair are from stallion horse hair rather than mare, which the hair is thicker and more flexiable, and it is easily to be attached with the rosin; After cleaned, combed, carefully selected and packing, we will present our best quality of bow hair. The colors of horse hair can be white, black, brown, Salty and Pepper, yellow, etc. Many players and rehair technicians prefer white horse hair, and of course the price of the white horse is much higher than other colors.

     We make and supply our bow hair to customers and friends all over the world, including the wholesalers, music stores, individual users, violin bow makers, etc. And the bow hair can be in bundles and hanks, customized lengths, weight, colors, labels and packing are available, and we also accept the small orders for the trail order.

     We believe our quality horse hair will meet your requirement.


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